We are the transportation specialists you can rely on and our first class service is just what your company deserves.

Our roots in providing transportation solutions for our customers stem from being an asset based Carrier for a number of years. Contrary to a common misconception often fostered in the industry, being a 3PL company has many perks over asset-based carrier companies. When we first expanded and began contracting with other carriers, we found ourselves no longer constrained by our own fleet to satisfy our customers’ needs. It’s an invaluable tool to be able to access carriers on a moment’s notice in indefinite parts of the United States. We have gained simpler access to thousands of qualified carriers thereby offering you more flexibility in finding equipment you need to move your freight.

Choosing a 3PL company = Flexibility

Choosing Teleport = Peace of Mind

However, we are not just another 3PL company whose only goal is to book as many loads as humanly possible. We train our logistics professionals that booking a load is only the beginning of the service we provide. By choosing Teleport, we offer you the following benefits: Communication, Access, Availability, Insurance Coverage and Claims Resolution.

Communication. Communication becomes key while your load is in progress so we inform you every step of the way:
  • When deliveries are scheduled
  • When there is a chance of an earlier delivery
  • When there are potential delays in completing a delivery.

We monitor the progress of each load by checking in with our drivers at least twice a day and updating our records with their location. This policy has proven to minimize chances of compromised deliveries so we enforce it to the fullest extent.

Access. We grant you access to our website where you can keep track of your shipments online. On our website you can see:
  • Updated location of your shipment as a point on googlemap
  • Date and time for set delivery appointments
  • Current shipments as well as historical data for all loads (whether they are delivered, invoiced, or paid)

Availability. You can reach us 24/7 by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipments.

Additional Protection. We ensure all of our carriers are properly insured before they haul your valuable freight. However, to offer you a greater peace of mind, we carry our own contingent insurance coverage:
  • $1,000,000 in general liability,
  • $100,000 in cargo insurance

Claims Resolution. Should there be a need for it, we offer an in-house full service claims resolution support to all of our customers.